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Important news.

2016-06-04 21:59:28 by RejahCityGuy

Since TAQ has a surprisingly low score, I have some news to share.  I'm cancelling its sequel.

But on the bright side, I'm not done with NG!  I'm making an HTF point-and-click game.  Before you rant that it's any old game, my intentions are that it's long and entertaining and the entire HTF cast is there.  Also, since games like these can never be blown (that is, no matter what you do, you can't end up in a position where it's impossible to win), I promise you they're not raging.

I also intend that this game have eight medals!  Haven't tried uploading games with medals, but I'm excited to.

Also, to explain my front picture, Rejah City Collaboration is an online series http://rejahcitycollaboration.wikia.com/wiki/Rejah_City_Collaboration_Wikia which is very much recommended!  The first episode explains why Hex is wearing two differently colored bows.


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2016-06-04 22:10:26

You could always take the criticism from TAQ and make a better, more worthy sequel. That's probably what people are hoping for when they leave a review, they want you to make the best game you can make.

But goodluck with your HTF game anyway.

RejahCityGuy responds:

Thanks a lot for that comment! I'm sorry, but when you talk about reviews of TAQ, are you referring to the simple one-sentence reviews posted on the game? I don't remember any criticism/reviews outside those.


2016-06-04 23:23:50

You shouldn't let one-liners get to you.

RejahCityGuy responds:

What does that mean...?