Easter Egg on TAQ Question 57

2016-10-16 21:51:57 by RejahCityGuy

Now that it's been nearly a year since TAQ released, I figure I should reveal Question 57's Easter Egg!

When you go down to Sub. North, it says "6 aliments + fontaine + papier + papier + fontaine = dormir dans le sud" on the wall, which translates from French to "6 snacks + fountain + paper + paper + fountain = sleep in the south."

The hole on the left takes you to Subterranea South.  (Caution: The minigame becomes unwinnable if you go there because you can't be outside after collecting the blue hexagon without having both the ladder and the rope in the different holes.)  To the right is a pink hexagon and a tiny bed.

The writing on the wall is correct in a sense: first, go to the room with the blue hexagon and click on all 6 snacks to eat them up.  Then, go to the fountain near the left of the map and click it, and enjoy the water animation.  Then, go up to the rightmost tree (which requires the rope) and click the paper twice to open it and close it, then twice again to open & close it again.  Then, go back to the fountain and click it.

After that, return to Sub. South and you will see a rubber ball character sleeping in the tiny bed.  He is there permanently and clicking him takes a life away.  It is seemingly weird to watch him and the sleeping Fusestoppers at the same time.

Fun Fact: I was originally gonna have him do a whole series of interesting things as you enter and exit the room.  He was going to walk around for a few entrances of the room, read in bed for an entrance, then sleep for ~ 80 entrances of the room, with the lights out in the middle portion.  This was scrapped because the game was complicated enough.  Currently, he does nothing but sleep once he is triggered.

*Also, if you enjoyed TAQ, check this out! http://peacefultranquility.deviantart.com/journal/Quizlet-s-Scrapped-Questions-577144436


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