2016-11-07 18:54:35 by RejahCityGuy

On two occasions in Calm HTF, Mime is called a reindeer.

This is because I have thought of him as one for all these months, when in fact every source which led to this says he's actually a deer.  I must say, that was a stupid thought of mine as he clearly has nothing around his neck.

Personally, I'd just leave the game as is, because the game deserves "melodrama."  But I still want to enable saving, and I hope it doesn't take me much to learn how, as long as I've learned medals.

(Get this, I'm hoping to upload a whole series of point-and-click games with my characters with a storyline in 2017.)


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2016-12-16 13:11:46

Hey there was wondering if you've tried medals recently a couple of is been having trouble with as2 medals failing to unlock

RejahCityGuy responds:

Sometimes you have to refresh the page to see the medal unlocked. That works for me.